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Tex Mex Egg Rolls

Updated: Apr 21, 2021

Tex Mex Egg Rolls

These Tex Mex Egg Rolls are so delicious and so easy to make! Inspired by the Tex Mex egg rolls at The Cheesecake Factory. I air fried them and they turned out delicious and just as good as deep frying.

For anyone who celebrates Ramadan these are great to make ahead and freeze! These egg rolls are so versatile you can change the filling in so many ways. You can use beef instead of chicken or make them veggie, you can switch up the cheese, or you can switch out the wrapper for a spring roll wrapper if you prefer.

If you make this recipe please be sure to leave a comment and remember recipes are just a guide, have fun and make it your own!


  • If you don’t have an air fryer you can fry them at 350 degrees for 3-5 minutes


(Makes 8-10 egg rolls)


Egg roll Filling:

Egg Roll Wrapper

4 boneless skinless chicken thighs or breast (about two cups cubed)

1/2 cup of Corn

1/2 cup of diced Bell Pepper (about 1/2 bell pepper)

1/2 cup of diced Onion (about 1 small onion)

2 diced Serrano Peppers or jalapeño

1/2 cup of Black Beans

2/3 cup of Pepper Jack Cheese

Taco seasoning (use recipe below or use store bought)

Taco Seasoning:

1-2 tablespoon of Chili powder (base on your spice preference)

1 1/2 teaspoon Cumin

1 teaspoon Paprika

1 teaspoon Garlic Powder

1 teaspoon Oregano

1/2 teaspoon Onion Powder

1/4 teaspoon Salt

1/4 teaspoon Black Pepper

1 teaspoon Red Pepper Flakes

Avocado Cream:

1 Avocado

2 Jalapeños

1/3 cup Sour Cream

2 tablespoons Lemon Juice

1/4 cup of Cilantro

Salt as needed



  1. Lightly coat the chicken with oil and season with taco seasoning.

  2. Cook and cut into cubes.

  3. Add the rest of the filling ingredients to the chicken - corn, bell pepper, onion, serrano, black beans, pepper jack cheese.

  4. Add taco seasoning to the mixture to taste (1-2tbsp) and sauté just until everything is warmed through.

  5. While the filling cools down make the avocado cream.

  6. Add all the ingredients and blend. Add salt as needed.

  7. Fill egg roll wrappers with desired amount of filling.

  8. To air fry, spray or brush egg rolls with oil & spray the air fryer basket.

  9. Air fry at 400 degrees for 6 minutes on each side.

  10. To deep fry, fry at 350 degrees for 3-5 minutes until golden brown.

  11. Serve warm with Avocado Cream!

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