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Cookies & Cream Trifle

These cookies & cream trifles are so easy and quick to make and only need five ingredients! Everything is store bought which cuts the work in half. This recipe is great for Ramadan because it’s so simple and can be made ahead of time. It’s crunchy, creamy, chocolatey goodness!


  • It’s best to make this a couple hours ahead of serving so they can set in the fridge for the perfect texture

  • As always, any ingredients can be swapped but I recommended sticking to this flavor combination

  • Can be made in a big dish instead of smaller trifle cups


INGREDIENTS Dark Chocolate Oreos


Oreo cookies n cream instant pudding mix

2 cups cold milk

Cool whip - easier to use when thawed a bit



  1. Start by making the cookies n creme pudding using the directions on the box and set aside.

  2. Break a couple of Oreos in pieces for the first layer of the trifle. (the amounts will depend on what you’re making the trifle in)

  3. Top the oreo layer with a layer of the pudding.

  4. Top that with crumbled brownie bits.

  5. Use cool whip for the last layer.

  6. Garnish the top with Oreo crumbs and an Oreo cookie. (Optional)

  7. Refrigerate for atleast 5 hours to overnight.

  8. Serve cold & enjoy!

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